Commissioning a drawing or painting is an exciting experience and a unique opportunity to have a piece of art created specifically for you and your home.  I enjoy taking on these sorts of projects because I love meeting new clients and having the interesting challenge of capturing their personality and likeness in paint or a drawing.  

There are a wide range of options that can vary to fit your space, style, and budget.  I do quick 2-3 hour sketches in as little as one sitting and large-scale, detailed works of art that can take multiple sittings and sometimes 100+ studio hours to complete.  Below are some samples of sketches, and a larger painting.  If you are interested in seeing more samples or getting more information, please fill out the form below.

Study of Hannah.jpg
Study of Ola.jpg

Design Consultation

I'm looking forward to speaking together about your future artwork.  Before scheduling your complimentary design consultation, I'd love to have a few details about you and your project.